The Amazing Science Behind This All-Natural IBS Remedy

If you’re like the majority of IBS patients, you deal with an endless cycle of doctor visits, prescription drugs, and medical bills due to bouts of cramping, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, and gas. Often, you’re left with more questions than answers, with no dependable relief in sight.

What if there was an all-natural solution that delivered ingredients proven through clinical trials and studies to relieve IBS? What if it was a non-prescription medicine that was vegan, GMO-free, gluten-free, and a fraction of the cost of other IBS treatments? It would change your life, right?


The herbs and plant-based ingredients in IBSolution can detox the digestive system and ease gut discomfort.

IBSolution blends holistic herbs, and plant-based ingredients in just the right proportions to detox your digestive system and ease gut discomfort. Its blend of nutrients relieves IBS symptoms for more than four out of five patients. In addition, IBSolution’s superfood ingredients deliver added proven benefits like increased stamina, reduced inflammation, and decreased hunger and cravings. Take a look at the powerful line-up of IBSolution ingredients that are working together to bring balance to your digestive tract.


Not all fiber is equal when it comes to digestive health. Studies have shown that highly fermentable dietary fiber like bran is likely to cause gas and abdominal pain. But psyllium, a soluble fiber source, actually helps manage IBS symptoms. By adding bulk and lubrication, it eases constipation and diarrhea. It also has the added benefits of lowering cholesterol and moderating fluctuations in blood sugar levels.


Known for their extraordinarily high density of nutrients, superfoods like berries, leafy greens, and nuts make every healthy eating top 10 list. The popular superfood acai, a berry from the acai palm tree, lends a potent dose of IBS-fighting antioxidants to the blend. It’s a digestive cleanser with added anti-inflammatory, cancer-fighting, and blood pressure-reducing powers.

Slippery Elm

The inner bark of the North American slippery elm tree has been used as an herbal remedy for centuries. So, it’s no surprise that the botanical soothes the digestive system. In Native American cultures, it’s used it to treat skin irritations and respiratory problems. It has lubricating, softening, and bulking properties that can provide relief to IBS patients with diarrhea or constipation, as well as those who suffer from alternating bouts of both.


Aloe is known for soothing sunburns, but it can also help relieve constipation and diarrhea. RubyWhatever

The evergreen succulent commonly associated with soothing a sunburn is made up almost entirely of water and soluble fiber, making it a perfect ally in your battle against IBS. Lubricating properties help with constipation and diarrhea, while anti-inflammatory qualities soothe gastrointestinal inflammation.


While chlorella may not sound appealing, this single-celled form of green algae is a nutrient-dense superfood. It binds to toxins in your digestive tract and flushes them out of your system. Chlorella is high in protein, iron, antioxidants, and omega-3s, adding health benefits to your heart, liver, and vision to the mix.

Walnut Hulls

The outer shell of the North American black walnut has been used throughout history to treat bacterial and parasitic infections. Antioxidant properties reduce inflammation and protect the body against cell damage from free radicals. But its ability to fight bacteria can help maintain balance in your digestive system.


A naturally occurring soluble fiber found in many plants, inulin is most often extracted from chicory. It’s a heavy-lifter in your lower gut where this prebiotic feeds the friendly bacteria. This produces nutrients for your colon cells and keeps your digestive system healthy and happy. Inulin, which has been getting a bad rap for years due to the outdated yet often GI-doctor-suggested Low FODMAP diet, has actually been clinically proven to provide relief for IBS symptoms.

Hyssop Leaf

The leaves of this herbaceous Mediterranean shrub have been used for centuries as an antiseptic. A member of the mint family, Hyssop leaf has antibacterial properties that can relieve gas and intestinal pain.


Ginger reduces inflammation in the digestive tract.

This flowering herb with a pale, knobby root adds a pungent heat to trendy cuisine, but it’s also a longstanding medicinal remedy for an upset stomach. For IBS patients, ginger’s anti-inflammatory properties soothe the digestive tract and create movement for regularity.


The tropical papaya fruit is known to lower cholesterol, boost immunity, protect against arthritis, and ease menstrual cramps. For IBS sufferers, it’s the fruit’s papain enzyme that helps break down protein in your diet, relieving constipation and bloating. Papayas are also high in fiber and water content, promoting regularity and overall digestive health.


The red carotenoid pigment in raw and cooked tomatoes is a powerful antioxidant that’s been used to treat heart disease, cancer, and many other chronic illnesses. In your gut, it acts as a fiber-rich prebiotic, helping gut bacteria produce nutrients for your colon. Side benefits include protecting your vision and heart, easing menopause symptoms, and shielding your skin against damaging UV rays.

When blended together, these all-natural ingredients provide a powerful treatment for IBS. Affordable and available without a prescription, IBSolution can not only ease your digestive problems, but also relieve you from the doctor visits, prescription drugs, and medical bills.

Written by Ann Gibson for Matcha in partnership with JLM Nutritionals.

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As a retired research chemist your formulation is a perfect combination for persons with irritable bowl syndrome. I am a user of this product and a true believer in this product.

David J Sessa June 29, 2020

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