How to Avoid an IBS Flare-up During Thanksgiving

We know the holidays can bring on the stress! As you well know, the stress can lead to increased IBS symptoms. Between family drama, guests, groceries, prepping, cooking, cleaning and then the eating (and leftovers) you may be in for a flare-up.


Here are some tips to make sure your IBS stays in check during this hectic (and high caloric) time: 

1. Get your ZZZs.

Don't miss valuable hours of sleep. If the stress and to-do lists are keeping you up at night, consider trying our all-natural Sleep Solution. Your body will thank you for this all-natural sleep aid that helps you wake up refreshed without the groggy side effects from other sleep aids. 

    2. Stay hydrated!

    Drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. Water will help flush out all those calories and excess salt. Did you know our Reseveratrol can help hydrate you from the inside out? PLUS, you'll be glowing for all those house guests.

    3. Most Importantly - Don't forget your IBSolution!

    With so much on your plate, you may forget a dose. Set a phone reminder to make sure you take your two IBSolution capsules per day leading up to and after the holiday to get keep your tummy happy and regulated. 
    Cheers to a fun, IBS free holiday!

    Your Friends at Super Naturals Health


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