How Super Naturals Health is Changing the Lives of IBS Sufferers

What do you do when you’re suffering day in and day out from a chronic, life-altering condition, one that the medical community can’t treat or cure? If you’re Jeff Burgee, CEO of Super Naturals Health, you develop a treatment yourself—and then share it to help the millions of people struggling with the same ailment.

Via his special blend of holistic, natural and plant-based ingredients, Burgee got the relief he couldn’t find from expensive doctor visits, where they suggested tests and even prescription drugs for his Irritable Bowel Syndrome. IBSolution is an all-natural, twice-a-day capsule that for the overwhelming majority of sufferers who try it, eases their gut discomfort without a prescription or harmful side effects.

Burgee will be the first to tell you that he’s not a pharmaceutical guy. In fact, he’s a musician by trade. Back in college in Maryland, he’d formed the band Lazy Suzan, moved to Los Angeles, and, he says, was “living the rock star life. But for all those highs, there was this daunting low, wondering if everything I ate was going to send me running to the bathroom.”

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He had no idea he was suffering from Irritable Bowel Syndrome with diarrhea, or IBS-D, until he was in his mid-30s. “I was going out with a friend, and I had to ask him to pull over so I could use the coffee shop bathroom,” he recollects. “I asked him how often he got diarrhea. When he said two or three times a year, my mind was absolutely blown. For me, it was such a normal thing to have bathroom issues many times each week.”

Burgee then made an appointment with one of the best gastroenterologists in Los Angeles, who delivered some depressing news. “The doctor basically said, ‘It’s tough to be you. There’s nothing I can do,’” Burgee recalls. “‘We call it Irritable Bowel Syndrome. We have no idea what causes it, and we have no cure for it.’ ”

The doctor told him to go home and take soluble fiber, but it didn’t help. “I was taking up to four or five over-the-counter diarrhea treatment pills like Imodium a day just to have a normal life and play guitar at shows,” Burgee explains. “The doctor said that was fine, but I couldn’t accept a doctor telling me to take something so dehydrating and harsh on my system.”

A New Solution

Burgee started adding natural digestive aids and superfoods to his diet, along with the soluble fiber, but he continued to suffer. “The year 2008 was a low point,” he says. “The stock market crashed, my dad had just been diagnosed with cancer, and I’d lost tour funding due to the economy.”

As all of this was happening, Burgee was experimenting with a blend of acai, chlorella, inulin, hyssop leaf, aloe, and other cleansing and detoxifying antioxidants and superfoods. He had spent years fine-tuning the mixture, and one day he suddenly realized he’d gone nearly two weeks without diarrhea. Burgee had finally zeroed in on the blend of ingredients that relieved his IBS symptoms. “I’ve considered myself cured ever since,” he says.

It was a few years before he realized his treatment could help others. “I was working on my laptop and heard someone on TV talking about their debilitating IBS. They said they couldn’t leave their house, had no social life, and were dealing with terrible anxiety,” he recalls. “A light bulb went off. I figured I may have cracked the code on something so many people were suffering from and I was being selfish not sharing what I’d found.”

Treating Digestive Dysfunction

The proprietary blend of vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients in IBSolution not only relieves gas, bloating, and other symptoms of IBS, but has clinically proven anti-Alzheimer’s, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory benefits. It’s loaded with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents that function, as Burgess describes it, “as little Pac-Mans in your body, gobbling up the stuff that’s harmful to your cells.” The ingredients are high in omega fatty acids, deliver a grade-A dose of soluble fiber, and help to regulate blood sugar.

It was on a date with his future wife and company co-founder, Lindsay, that Burgee discovered his blend of IBS-fighting ingredients not only relieves symptoms of IBS-D, but also helps those who suffer from IBS with constipation, or IBS-C. “When you’re dating, you don’t really talk about bathroom stuff,” he says. “But there was something on the menu I didn’t order, and the conversation evolved into a discussion about her problems with bloating and constipation.”

“Even though constipation and diarrhea seem like polar opposites, they’re actually siblings in a family of digestive dysfunction,” he explains. “Bloating, gas, diarrhea, discomfort, and constipation are symptoms under the umbrella of digestive irregularities. Doctors call it a functional disorder because they see symptoms present but they can’t find anything functionally wrong.”

In place of effective solutions, Burgee notes that many doctors instead turn to pricey drugs—some that cost upwards of $1,000 a month—to patients suffering from IBS symptoms, which also can have serious side effects, including IBS! Other treatment plans, like elimination diets or FODMap, come with trial and error challenges and an extremely limiting lifestyle. “It’s a frustrating game of food whack-a-mole where you think you got the mole, but then it pops up somewhere else,” Burgee explains.

IBSolution helps people shed life-altering worries, such as the anxiety of finding a bathroom. Kyndall Ramirez

Because he’s experienced life with IBS, Burgee understands what his customers are going through. “My experience as an IBS-D sufferer while playing in a band and touring caused a lot of anxiety,” he says. “I’d eat a turkey sandwich with mustard two days without an incident, but on the third day when I’d eat that turkey sandwich, I might be looking for the nearest freeway exit and fast food restaurant bathroom.”

“That’s way different from a young female who writes to me about being so bloated that she looks like she’s nine months pregnant,” he continues. “Then there’s the person who deals with intestinal pain because they haven’t been able to go to the bathroom for five days. It really runs the gamut.”

For many people, IBSolution has proved to be more effective and more affordable than other treatments. While it reduces physical discomfort, it also provides emotional and mental relief as people shed their IBS burden without breaking the bank. Those are powerful benefits that can change lives and it costs less than $1 per day.

Burgee and tens of thousands of others can’t imagine their lives without IBSolution. “I’m going to take it forever, because I don’t want to take the risk of going back to the way my life was before, even for a day or a week.”

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