Holiday Bloat Bounce Back

Holidays leave you feeling puffy?

Between the parties, the cookies, your mother in law's cooking, the cocktails and the stress, your pants may feel tighter than usual - mine sure do!

Here are a few tips to bounce back fast.

1. Get your heart rate up.

Go for a jog or fast walk and get moving! The blood flow will work wonders for how you feel and look.

2. Get your ZZZ's.

Travel, hectic schedules, sleeping on your high school twin bed or an air mattress (I personally did both this week and took a red eye with a one year old)...the holidays are exhausting. Get those hours of sleep restocked to avoid getting sick in the aftermath. Trouble winding down, falling asleep or staying asleep? Our Sleep Solution can help.

3. Pound H2O.

Drink at least half your body weight in water everyday. Take the hydration even further by adding our hydrating phytoceramide based Wrinkle Remedy.

4. Take a probiotic and IBSolution to get your gut health back in check.

Expedite the de-puffing with this power pack duo.


Build a custom bundle to help get back on track and save up to 25% off your order when you add any of our amazing products to your IBSolution order. Check it out here.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday and wishing you a happy, healthy 2020!


Lindsay - Co-Owner, Super Naturals Health

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