A candid narrative on IBS symptoms, specifically farting

by Jeff from IBS Formula

IBS symptoms have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.   I actually recall a time when I was maybe 4 or 5 years old, and my grandmother was babysitting me and my older brother while my parents were on a weekend vacation.  She fed us dinner, and then we proceeded to go downstairs to set up my new Hot Wheels track.  I was so excited to show her all my cool cars.

Well, whatever I ate completely disagreed with me, and I was farting up a storm.  It’s hard to type this and not laugh, because like the actor who was impersonating Ed McMahon said to a fake Johnny Carson being played by Dana Carvey during the MTV Video Music Awards circa 1992 “Farts equals funny.”  This was of course in response to Howard Stern’s appearance on that show as Fartman.

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For whatever reason, it is true that a good fart (or bad fart depending on how you look at it) can get a hearty laugh in a room full of guys.  Call it locker room humor, frat house humor, bathroom humor… but even in those settings, the laugh can wear off pretty quick if it’s a recurring event, and turn into statements like “Dude, seriously, knock it off!  What is wrong with you…”

So occasionally farting can get a quick laugh, but you know when it’s never funny?  How about on a first date, or in a crowded car or airplane, or at the dinner table.  The list goes on and on of situations where any humor is replaced by humiliation.  Let’s be frank, girls hate farts!  They find the whole thing disgusting, which brings me back around to my grandmother story.  She said “Jeff, you’re the cutest kid I know and I love you dearly, but I can’t stand to be down here any longer.  I’m going back upstairs.”  This was obviously very disappointing for me.

So, even at that young age, my IBS symptoms were playing a negative role in my life, but I was just a kid so I thought it was totally normal.  Thirty years later, I fixed the problem myself by combining clinically proven digestive aids with naturally-occurring superfoods. IBS Formula is able to provide real and natural relief from IBS symptoms.

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I have a question? Does this change the color of your poop? going on my second bottle and it has been really good, doing it’s job. but I have notices color changing and undigested food?

Hazel GOODMAN April 20, 2023

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