Thoughts on the low FODMAP Diet as an IBS Treatment (Jeff)

For most things in life, where no one’s safety is at stake, my attitude is usually “Hey, if that’s working for you, then stick with it.” I would consider myself somewhat of an expert at several things, one of them being diet and exercise.  Why? Because I like looking and feeling youthful and energized.  From a very young age I excelled at baseball, soccer, tennis, track, weight lifting and later in my early 20’s, surfing. 

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Since I was always so active, I could eat anything I wanted and weight control was never even a thought.  So I admittedly ate way less than a totally healthy diet, all the way up to the time I was around 30 when I learned Dr Barry Sears' Nobel Award winning Zone Diet and never looked back.  He was researching to find the perfect fuel for the human body and from what I’ve experienced, I believe he nailed it and was properly awarded with that Nobel Prize.  Even today, most popular diets like the South Beach Diet and the Mediterranean Diet are just a slight variation of his findings.

Even after I transitioned into a healthier diet, I was still plagued with horrible IBS symptoms, mostly cramping, diarrhea and gas.  So after wasting money on the failing opinion of top rated gastroenterologists, I made a resolution to buckle down, research, and cure my IBS symptoms on my own, which I eventually did by combining superfoods and clinically proven digestive aids into a capsule I take twice daily.

Since her research in the 1990s, Sue Shepherd's low FODMAP diet has gained notable popularity among those individuals looking to remedy their irritable bowel syndrome symptoms.  I get that the aim of the diet is to eliminate all high FODMAP foods to set a baseline, then slowly start adding those foods back into your daily diet to identify IBS symptom causing trigger foods.

I personally know people that claim to get decent results by avoiding the foods that she lists as high FODMAP trigger foods, and why wouldn’t they?  Let’s face it, most people have no idea how to eat properly.  So when someone who eats “normal” (say a bagel and coffee for breakfast, a ham sandwich, potato chips and a Coke for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner) switches to anything healthier, like a low FODMAP diet, of course they’ll see some improvements.

I’m sure there’s some truth and benefits to her findings, but here’s the thing…. Life as far as I’m concerned is all about balance.  People use phrases like “Work hard, play hard,” or there’s my mom’s favorite old words of wisdom, “All things in moderation.”  A low FODMAP diet is very restrictive and frankly, no fun.  That’s no way to live, for me at least.

Through my own research, I am now able to eat pretty much anything I want and not suffer from horrible IBS symptoms, including some of life's greatest pleasures like beer, wine, ice cream, frozen yogurt, pizza, pasta, hamburgers, hot dogs, Mexican food, cake, breads, and all fruits and vegetables.  Balance for me now means eating healthy the majority of the time, and throwing in “cheats” to balance the happiness scale. 

So back to my opening statement – “If the low FODMAP diet is working for you, then stick with it.”  I personally think life’s too short to live in that restrictive bubble.  That’s why I originally decided to share my all natural IBS Treatment Formula with the world.  Find your balance.

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