It's now been close to 5 years since helping our first customer with digestive health and close to 10 years since we improved our own digestive issues. We have sold hundreds of thousands of bottles to customers who rely on IBSolution monthly to keep their tummies regular.

Our all natural IBSolution is a dietary supplement that is designed to provide support for digestive distress including diarrhea, gas, bloating, abdominal pain and constipation. 

By combining the highest quality digestive aids with naturally-occurring super-foods, IBSolution is an affordable option for optimal digestive health. If you spent the time and trouble to buy a 1 month supply of each of these ingredients, it would cost you more than $150 per month.  We've done the work on ourselves, and are now passing along our natural remedy to help as many people as possible with digestive balance for less than $1 a day.