The Many Benefits of All-Natural Sleep Solution's Ingredients

We’ve been told over and over again that a consistent healthy night’s sleep and plenty of water are two major factors to achieving wellness. A good night sleep can even improve learning, memory, decision making, and boost overall creativity. Unfortunately, achieving the former proves difficult for a shocking 70 million Americans. If you are among those that are having trouble and you are and are not interested in all of the harmful and habit forming side effects  of prescription drugs (including a link to causing dementia), trying out a natural solution is a much safer and healthier way to get the support you need.


We have a strong philosophy at Super Naturals Health about employing all-natural ingredients, first and when possible, in order to alleviate a variety of ailments. (New to Super Naturals? You can take a look and learn more about all Super Naturals products HERE). This also extends to our all-natural Sleep Solution filled with 19 active ingredients aimed and helping you get the rest you need so you can be your best self.

Below, we have complied a list of some of the benefits to those ingredients, beyond a healthy night sleep, that our proprietary blend offers.



Decreases time to fall asleep
Improves mood
Reduces anxiety
Prevents depression
Improves relaxation
Helps control weight
Reduces anxiety
Helps promote calmness
Improves stress response
Reduces hot flashes
Reduces headaches
Eases digestion
Eases PMS symptoms
Eases post-exercise pain & fatigue
Helps body create natural melatonin
Bone health
Muscle contraction
Supports blood clotting
Lowers blood pressure
Vitamin B6
Improves sleep quality
Regulates mood
Supports brain function  
Supports a healthy metabolism
Maintains healthy hair, skin & vision
Helps immune function
Promotes drowsiness
Regulates nervous system
Fights depression
Lowers blood pressure and blood sugar
Improves PMS symptoms
Goji (Wolfberry)
Promotes a feeling of well-being and calmness
Improves athletic performance
Controls blood sugar and blood pressure
Boosts energy
Boosts immune system
Improve cholesterol
Weight loss
Natural sleep inducer
Boosts immunity
Reduces menstrual pain
Fights inflammation
Slows osteoporosis
Helps an upset stomach/colic
Lemon Balm
Reduces anxiety to promote sleep
Improves mood
Boost cognitive function
Relieve indigestion
Treats nausea
Minimizes pain (headache, toothache & PMS Symptoms)
Passion Flower
Reduces Anxiety
Lowers brain activity
Helps with ADHD symptoms
Helps an upset stomach
Helps fall back to sleep
Reduces glucose levels
Insulin resistance
Reduces cholesterol
Natural sedative effects
Increases sleep time
Lowers body temperaturee to further promote sleep
Reduces stress
Lowers cholesterol
Reduces high blood pressure
St John’s Wort
Elevates levels of serotonin
Boost mood
Increases dopamine
Balances emotions
Treats Depression
Supports healing wounds, bruises and burns

GABA (Gamma-Aminobutyric acid)
Relieves Anxiety
Reduces stress
Treats diabetes
Lowers blood pressure
Helps cause drowsiness
Supports digestion
Supports kidney & liver function
Relieves anxiety
Supports relaxation
Improves mental focus
Increases cognitive performance
Supports weight loss
Boosts immune system
Reduces blood pressure
Improves quality of sleep
Sleep inducing
Reduces cortisol (stress hormone)
Lowers blood sugar
Reduces symptoms of depression
Boosts testosterone
Increases fertility in men
Increases muscle mass/strength
Reduces inflammation
Lower cholesterol & triglycerides
Improves memory
Natural sleep aid
Reduces anxiety
Blood sugar control
Improves fertility in women
Reduces symptoms of depression
Helps body produce serotonin
Counteracts hunger hormones
Reduces symptoms of depression
Improves symptoms of Fibromyalgia
Reduces migraine frequency
Assists with relaxation and falling asleep
Supports eye health
Treats ulcers and heartburn
Increases growth hormone in men

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