Psyllium - Besides clinically proven IBS Relief, additional health benefits

You may know that many of the ingredients in our natural IBS treatment are clinically proven to provide relief for IBS symptoms. But did you know that these all natural ingredients can also provide many other important health benefits in addition to just treating irritable bowel syndrome when taken daily? 

Today we will dive deeper into: Psyllium

psyllium for the natural treatment of IBS symptoms

Doctors report, and in some cases back it up with clinical studies, that Psyllium in addition to treating IBS can help with:

Heart disease
Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Kidney stones
Lowering Cholesterol
Peptic Ulcers
Reducing Inflammation
Reducing Sluggishness
Reducing risk of Stroke
Ulcerative Colitis
Weight lose

Psyllium may help people slim down since it absorbs fluid within the intestinal tract, thus triggering the brain toward the feeling of being full. This can help control food intake. Individuals suffering from diabetes are always monitoring their diet and their insulin/glucose levels.  Some research lends to the conclusion that soluble fibers like psyllium can assist in keeping balanced glycemic levels. One clinical test concluded that taking five grams of psyllium per day can assist patients suffering from type-2 diabetes in controlling their glucose-insulin balance.1

Several studies have shown that including soluble fiber in a person’s diet can help lower their risk of heart disease.2  Psyllium can affect your heart by improving lipid levels, lowering blood pressure, and strengthening heart muscle tissue.  Extensive research, one study in particular, has proven that soluble fiber can assist in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels.3  While everyone needs to keep an eye on their cholesterol levels, it’s absolutely imperative for people over the age of 50. Clinical studies have proven that your risk of stroke is decreased by 7% for every 7 grams more fiber you consume on a daily basis.4

One primary way to prevent high blood pressure is to eat a wholesome diet. In one clinical study, 6 months of supplementation with psyllium fiber extensively decreased both diastolic and systolic blood pressure in overweight people suffering from hypertension.5  If you're feeling low-energy, fatigued, sluggish, etc the problem could be stemming from an unbalanced gut.  So many other bodily issues can vanish once you get your intestines working properly.  The associated softened stool resulting from increased soluble fiber intake can help with hemorrhoids.

IBS is a term that covers several different manageable bowel irregularities, while digestive disorders like Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease, Diverticulosis and Inflammatory Bowel Disease are more serious afflictions.  One clinical study concluded that consuming 10 grams of psyllium along with probiotics on a daily basis is an effective and safe way to treat Crohn’s disease.6  Along those same lines, another clinical test proved that psyllium was as effective as the prescription drug Mesalamine in maintaining remission of ulcerative colitis.7

Our all natural IBS treatment contains a significant amount of psyllium.  When taken twice a day, IBSolution not only can halt your IBS symptoms, but grant you all of these amazing bonus health benefits!  It’s no wonder why so many of our valued customers buy from us each and every month, even after their IBS has become a thing of the past.

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