OTC treatment for IBS vs Prescription - One customer's experience

IBS Treatment - Over the Counter IBS Formula vs Prescription Treatment - One customer's experience

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We're approaching the 1-year anniversary of selling our first bottle of IBS Formula. In these 11 months, we've helped thousands of customers with their individual battles with IBS symptoms that span the digestive spectrum including diarrhea, constipation, bloating, gas and abdominal pain. There's nothing more validating and heartwarming for us than when a customer ignores the personal and sometimes embarrassing subject matter, and reaches out in a public forum to share their IBS Formula experience with the world.

If you watch TV at all, you've probably seen commercials for at least one of these prescription IBS Treatments. I watch a good amount of news these days and I see the ads a lot! I still always get a good laugh when they say things like - While taking _______ for your IBS, side effects can include diarrhea, constipation, gas.... It's always great (sarcasm) when your prescription drug's side effects are the same as the symptoms you're attempting to treat.

Curious, I've googled how much these prescriptions cost. I'm appalled to report that some are in the thousands of dollars for as little as 60 pills. I've now heard on many, many occasions from our customers that their doctors have put them on these prescription treatments, and that ultimately, the drugs didn't help with their IBS symptoms at all. Here's what our customer Jeanette Voisin posted on Jan 27, 2017 to our reviews:
"I had diarrhea for many years and it was getting worse and it was getting to the point where it was causing problems in my life. I went to the Doctor and he prescribed some pills for $300.00 which didn't take care of the cramps or anything else. After trying anything I could get my hands on or just plain suffering I found this product and thank the good lord it works. People it worked within 2 days not 2 months. I have never had a product work so fast. diarrhea gone. I actually feel like a new person Thank you so much I can go places now and not have to constantly look for the bathroom just in case I needed it real fast." 

Unlike prescription medicine(s) for irritable bowel syndrome, IBS Formula costs less than $1/day and we always offer free US shipping.

Natural IBS Treatment Bottlebuy Natural IBS Treatment Formula

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