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I’ve noticed that so far in 2017, one the most frequently searched terms that leads people to the IBS Formula website is “IBS diet food list” so I figured this would be a good topic to dive deeper into.  A quick scan of the first page results when doing a Google search of the phrase is very telling.  You’ll see lots of words and phrases like FODMAP, trigger foods, elimination diet, and of course the IBS staples like diarrhea, constipation, abdominal pain, gas and bloating, on popular web sources like WebMD, The Cleveland Clinic and Healthline.

IBS Diet Food List - Warning: Lots of fun foods not on this list

If you’re reading this and you are like the majority of our customers, you’ve probably been told by your doctor that you have IBS, and to try an elimination diet like the low FODMAP diet.  FODMAP is an acronym made up of complex scientific names for a collection of molecules found in food.  It’s thought that these high FODMAP foods are poorly absorbed by people who are prone to IBS.  I’ll admit that this approach makes obvious sense, right?  You simply eliminate foods one by one over a several month period and as you add them back into your diet you look for which trigger food(s) are the culprit causing your IBS symptoms.  Here’s the problem I encountered first hand when I tried this regimen back before I cured my IBS.  Every time I had thought I found the culprit, it turned out that it wasn’t the culprit and my symptoms persisted.  So, I wasted all that time depriving myself of foods I enjoyed and always left that game of food whack-a-mole feeling defeated, frustrated and still at ends with my IBS.

 I touched on something in that last paragraph that may have caught your attention.  I now consider myself “cured” of IBS.  I had tried everything I could get my hands on including probiotics, peppermint gels, Imodium, Heather’s Tummy products, Digestive Advantage, digestive enzymes, and nothing really provided quality, lasting relief.  I’m a fighter and a problem solver so I wasn’t going to accept the doctors’ prognosis’ that IBS was something that I would always be afflicted with.

George Costanza When it comes to IBS elimination diet Do the opposite

One day, I unintentionally took the George Costanza approach and did The Opposite.  My fellow Seinfeld junkies out there reading this know exactly what I’m talking about.  Instead of eliminating foods in hopes of a solution, I began adding foods, foods that were high in soluble fiber, foods that were packed with antioxidants, foods that were clinically proven to provide IBS relief.  When I say foods here, I’m actually referring to clean, all-natural foods in supplement form, i.e psyllium, acai, slippery elm, chlorella, aloe, ginger.  As I added ingredient after ingredient, I noticed that my IBS symptoms would fade more and more, until one day I realized that I hadn’t had diarrhea in weeks, which is something that I had never experienced before.  The magic solution was found by blending these ingredients and taking them twice daily.

A few years later, I came to the realization that it was my duty as a compassionate human being to share these findings with others who were still suffering.  It was important to my wife Lindsay and I that we would find the highest quality manufacturer, and present an extremely effective, affordable and all natural IBS treatment for less than $1 per day along with free shipping within the United States. 

It’s so validating to know that just 15 months after we sold our first bottle back in February of 2016, we have now helped several thousand people diminish or even totally eliminate their IBS symptoms by taking IBS Formula twice daily.  Based on that success rate, chances are that if you are still suffering from IBS, that you too will find relief by taking IBS Formula.

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